Helderberg Clinical Research Centre

Helderberg Clinical Research Centre

Therapeutic areas include but are not limited to: Cardiovascular, COPD, Diabetes, Infectious Diseases, Osteoporosis.

Principal Investigator (Diabetes / Osteoporosis):
Dr G Ellis
Site Manager:
Jared Borain

The Helderberg Clinical Research Centre which is a dedicated research site (DRS) has been enlarged and upgraded. It now occupies 671 sq m on the 1st floor of 7 Arun Place, as well as 80 sq m on the ground floor of this building.

The Helderberg Centre is adjacent to the Vergelegen Mediclinic private hospital, a sophisticated 277-bed hospital with in-patient facilities, and provides access to accredited pathology services, comprehensive radiology services, on-site DXA and state-of-the art calibration equipment. There is a wide range of medical specialists in the adjacent buildings whom Dr Ellis frequently consults. Many of these specialists are involved in the studies as co-investigators.


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