May 30

Exemption of products containing Cannabidiol.

Notice from the acting CEO – SAHPRA

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the naturally occurring non-psychoactive cannabinoids

found in the Cannabis plant (including Cannabis sativa L.).

Prior to 23 May 2019, CBD was classified in terms of the Medicines and Related

Substances Act 101 of 1995 (Medicines Act), as either Schedule 4 (when intended

for therapeutic use), or Schedule 7 (when not for therapeutic use).

Medicines and substances which fall into Schedule 4 are only available on a

doctor’s prescription, while those classified in Schedule 7 are not readily available to

members of the general public.

On the recommendation of SAHPRA, the Minister removed CBD from Schedule 7,

classifying all CBD containing products as Schedule 4 substances.

(See the Government Notice No: R755. Government Gazette No: 42477).

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SAHPRA – Exemption of products containing Cannabidiol